Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

Easily recognizable to eyes as the one with, rounded leaves in full bloom that blossom brilliantly, Nasturtium, the highly edible herb is consumed for its high Vitamin content and is a child’s favorite relating to his or her growth. Nasturtium is high in sulfur content and has a content known as glycoside which when combined with water is equivalent to an effective antibiotic. As per scientific studies conducted to find the uses of Nasturtium, it has been ascertained for it to have antibiotic qualities within it for an energetic healthy body.

The plant is regarded as an antiseptic to fight out the fungal and bacterial infections out of the body. As pre-conceived earlier to the fact of Nasturtium having antibiotic qualities, it is something essential to know that the antibiotic agent, tromalyt, has been found in the urine samples of those digesting Nasturtium and in no way harms the internal body system and does not interfere with intestinal flora and effectively aids against the harmful microorganisms and help in building up resistance to strong antibiotic drugs.

Nasturtium, as stated earlier is edible and the leaves can be consumed in salads and the seeds can also be consumed.